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The Aquabelle Seashell Earrings are stunning ocean inspired pieces of waterproof summer jewelry that are perfect for anyone who loves the ocean. Our shell earrings are handmade from real shells from the Philippines and stainless steel materials. These handmade earrings are inspired by the ocean, making them perfect for beach lovers. Lightweight and affordable, they are designed to offer comfort and style without breaking the bank. If you're looking for breathtaking summer earrings, our affordable seashell earrings are the ideal choice.


Pair with the Aquabelle Shell Necklace to complete your mermaid look!


About our shell earrings

🐚 Handmade

🐚 100% natural seashell

🐚 Waterproof

🐚 Stainless steel

🐚 Color and size of the shell may vary as it is a natural and unique shell

Aquabelle Shell Earrings

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